Crack IDM

First you have to do this to net release the Crack IDM
path : c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc
Then open the host file with notepad
4 insert the following lines at the end of the file host

Way 1: using crack file
first you download the file on Patch Crack idm 6xx.exe
link dowload :

pass compressed file rar:

internet dowload manager program off

exit internet dowload

copy file patch 6.xx get inside

C;\Program Files\Internet Download Manager (WIN 7 64 BIT)
C:\Program File (x86)\Internet Download Manager (WIN7 32 Bit)

Then run the file Crack IDM v6.xx.Patch.exe
Click Patch
Click file crack idm

Find links to IDMan  file in the folder that you copied to the 
click file IDMan

Then the program will ask to enter the First Name and last Name you can enter any name and press ok

Finally get out and check if the error has not Crack IDM was not

wish you success

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